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    Add initial interrupt support for Microwatt in LiteX · c6240722
    Raptor Engineering Development Team authored
    There is a conflict between the LiteX way of doing things and the POWER
    way of handling interrupt tables.  LiteX expects to be able to put a ROM
    at address 0 and load an application into RAM at a higher address; POWER
    is architected to jump to exception handlers at 0x100...0x1000.
    As a result of this, we have taken the approach of placing generic exception
    handler entry / exit routines into ROM, and reserving a single pointer in
    SRAM to determine the C ISR handler location.  If no application is loaded,
    this pointer is set to the BIOS ROM ISR.  When an application loads, before
    reenabling interrupts, it needs to set __rom_isr_address to the address of
    the application's ISR, otherwise the BIOS ROM ISR will continue to be used.
    Tested to operate with the built-in UART in IRQ mode, both in BIOS and in
    loaded RAM application.
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