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    reset upstream subtrees to HEAD · 19323693
    Brad Bishop authored
    Reset the following subtrees on HEAD:
      poky: 8217b477a1(master)
      meta-xilinx: 64aa3d35ae(master)
      meta-openembedded: 0435c9e193(master)
      meta-raspberrypi: 490a4441ac(master)
      meta-security: cb6d1c85ee(master)
    Squashed patches:
      meta-phosphor: drop systemd 239 patches
      meta-phosphor: mrw-api: use correct install path
    Change-Id: I268e2646d9174ad305630c6bbd3fbc1a6105f43d
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBrad Bishop <bradleyb@fuzziesquirrel.com>
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