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    protocol: Introduce protocol_reset() · f69760da
    Andrew Jeffery authored
    protocol_reset() encapsulates the actions necessary to return the LPC
    state to what's required to boot the host. This is backend dependent;
    for the mtd backend we can simply point the bridge at the host flash
    AHB mapping, and for the virtual pnor we want to rearrange the content
    of the LPC reserved memory (leaving the bridge pointed there). In either
    case the state of the FWH address space is distured, so inform the host
    as necessary.
    Change-Id: Ie8efd1f703a3616c33f76f4e735c1efea039146c
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Jeffery's avatarAndrew Jeffery <andrew@aj.id.au>
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