Fix FTBFS from undersized BIOS ROM region with Microwatt

Signed-off-by: Timothy Pearson's avatarTimothy Pearson <>
parent 9b45ec0f
......@@ -76,6 +76,12 @@ class BaseSoC(SoCCore):
def __init__(self, sys_clk_freq=int(75e6), with_ethernet=False, toolchain="trellis", **kwargs):
platform = versa_ecp5.Platform(toolchain=toolchain)
# Fix ROM size for Microwatt
if with_ethernet:
kwargs["integrated_rom_size"] = 0xb000
kwargs["integrated_rom_size"] = 0x9000
# SoCCore -----------------------------------------_----------------------------------------
SoCCore.__init__(self, platform, clk_freq=sys_clk_freq, **kwargs)
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