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Merge pull request #82 from Disasm/colorlight-5a-75e

Add Colorlight 5A-75E V7.1 board
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# This file is Copyright (c) 2020 Vadim Kaushan <admin@disasm.info>
# License: BSD
# The Colorlight 5A-75E PCB and IOs have been documented by @derekmulcahy:
# https://github.com/q3k/chubby75/issues/59
from litex.build.generic_platform import *
from litex.build.lattice import LatticePlatform
from litex.build.lattice.programmer import OpenOCDJTAGProgrammer
# IOs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Documented by @derekmulcahy
_io_v7_1 = [
# clock
("clk25", 0, Pins("P6"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")),
# led
("user_led_n", 0, Pins("P11"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")),
# btn
("user_btn_n", 0, Pins("M13"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")),
# serial
("serial", 0,
Subsignal("tx", Pins("P11")), # led (J19 DATA_LED-)
Subsignal("rx", Pins("M13")), # btn (J19 KEY+)
# spiflash (W25Q32JV)
("spiflash", 0,
# clk
Subsignal("cs_n", Pins("N8")),
#Subsignal("clk", Pins("")), driven through USRMCLK
Subsignal("mosi", Pins("T8")),
Subsignal("miso", Pins("T7")),
# sdram (M12616161A)
("sdram_clock", 0, Pins("C6"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")),
("sdram", 0,
Subsignal("a", Pins(
"A9 E10 B12 D13 C12 D11 D10 E9",
"D9 B7 C8")),
Subsignal("dq", Pins(
"B13 A11 B9 C11 C9 C10 E8 B5",
"B6 A6 A5 B4 C3 B3 B2 A2",
"E2 E4 D3 E5 A4 D4 C4 D5",
"D6 E6 D8 A8 B8 B10 B11 E11")),
Subsignal("we_n", Pins("C7")),
Subsignal("ras_n", Pins("D7")),
Subsignal("cas_n", Pins("E7")),
#Subsignal("cs_n", Pins("")), # gnd
#Subsignal("cke", Pins("")), # 3v3
Subsignal("ba", Pins("A7")),
#Subsignal("dm", Pins("")), # gnd
# ethernet (B50612D)
("eth_clocks", 0,
Subsignal("tx", Pins("M2")),
Subsignal("rx", Pins("M1")),
("eth", 0,
Subsignal("rst_n", Pins("P5")),
Subsignal("mdio", Pins("T2")),
Subsignal("mdc", Pins("P3")),
Subsignal("rx_ctl", Pins("N6")),
Subsignal("rx_data", Pins("N1 M5 N5 M6")),
Subsignal("tx_ctl", Pins("M3")),
Subsignal("tx_data", Pins("L1 L3 P2 L4")),
("eth_clocks", 1,
Subsignal("tx", Pins("M12")),
Subsignal("rx", Pins("M16")),
("eth", 1,
Subsignal("rst_n", Pins("P5")),
Subsignal("mdio", Pins("T2")),
Subsignal("mdc", Pins("P3")),
Subsignal("rx_ctl", Pins("L15")),
Subsignal("rx_data", Pins("P13 N13 P14 M15")),
Subsignal("tx_ctl", Pins("R15")),
Subsignal("tx_data", Pins("T14 R12 R13 R14")),
# from https://github.com/q3k/chubby75/blob/master/5a-75b/hardware_V7.1.md
_connectors_v7_1 = [
("j1", "F3 F1 G3 - G2 H3 H5 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j2", "G4 G5 J2 - H2 J1 J3 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j3", "J4 K3 G1 - K4 C2 E3 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j4", "C1 A3 F4 - E1 F5 D1 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j5", "H4 K5 P1 - R1 L5 F2 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j6", "N3 M4 T4 - R5 R3 N4 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j7", "P4 R2 M8 - M9 T6 R6 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j8", "R8 R7 P8 - P7 N7 M7 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j9", "M11 N11 P12 - K15 N12 L16 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j10", "T13 N14 M14 - P16 T15 L14 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j11", "K16 J15 J16 - J12 H15 G16 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j12", "P15 L12 L13 - D14 R16 E16 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j13", "H13 J13 H12 - G14 H14 G15 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j14", "E14 D16 C15 - B15 C16 C14 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j15", "A15 F16 A14 - E13 B14 A13 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
("j16", "G13 G12 E15 - F14 F13 C13 F15 L2 K1 J5 K2 B16 J14 F12 -"),
# Platform -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
class Platform(LatticePlatform):
default_clk_name = "clk25"
default_clk_period = 1e9/25e6
def __init__(self, revision="7.1"):
assert revision in ["7.1"]
self.revision = revision
device = {"7.1": "LFE5U-25F-6BG256C"}[revision]
io = {"7.1": _io_v7_1}[revision]
connectors = {"7.1": _connectors_v7_1}[revision]
LatticePlatform.__init__(self, device, io, connectors=connectors, toolchain="trellis")
def create_programmer(self):
return OpenOCDJTAGProgrammer("openocd_colorlight_5a_75b.cfg")
def do_finalize(self, fragment):
LatticePlatform.do_finalize(self, fragment)
self.add_period_constraint(self.lookup_request("clk25", loose=True), 1e9/25e6)
self.add_period_constraint(self.lookup_request("eth_clocks:rx", 0, loose=True), 1e9/125e6)
self.add_period_constraint(self.lookup_request("eth_clocks:rx", 1, loose=True), 1e9/125e6)
......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@
# ./colorlight_5a_75b.py --load
# You should see the LiteX BIOS and be able to interact with it.
# Note that you can also use a 5A-75E board:
# ./colorlight_5a_75b.py --board=5A-75E --revision=7.1
# Disclaimer: SoC 2) is still a Proof of Concept with large timings violations on the IP/UDP and
# Etherbone stack that need to be optimized. It was initially just used to validate the reversed
# pinout but happens to work on hardware...
......@@ -43,7 +46,7 @@ from migen.genlib.resetsync import AsyncResetSynchronizer
from litex.build.io import DDROutput
from litex_boards.platforms import colorlight_5a_75b
from litex_boards.platforms import colorlight_5a_75b, colorlight_5a_75e
from litex.build.lattice.trellis import trellis_args, trellis_argdict
......@@ -92,8 +95,13 @@ class _CRG(Module):
# BaseSoC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
class BaseSoC(SoCCore):
def __init__(self, revision, with_ethernet=False, with_etherbone=False, sys_clk_freq=60e6, **kwargs):
platform = colorlight_5a_75b.Platform(revision=revision)
def __init__(self, board, revision, with_ethernet=False, with_etherbone=False, sys_clk_freq=60e6, **kwargs):
assert board in ["5A-75B", "5A-75E"]
if board == "5A-75B":
platform = colorlight_5a_75b.Platform(revision=revision)
elif board == "5A-75E":
platform = colorlight_5a_75e.Platform(revision=revision)
if with_etherbone:
sys_clk_freq = int(125e6)
......@@ -138,6 +146,7 @@ def main():
parser.add_argument("--build", action="store_true", help="Build bitstream")
parser.add_argument("--load", action="store_true", help="Load bitstream")
parser.add_argument("--board", default="5A-75B", help="Board type: 5A-75B (default) or 5A-75E")
parser.add_argument("--revision", default="7.0", type=str, help="Board revision 7.0 (default) or 6.1")
parser.add_argument("--with-ethernet", action="store_true", help="Enable Ethernet support")
parser.add_argument("--with-etherbone", action="store_true", help="Enable Etherbone support")
......@@ -146,7 +155,7 @@ def main():
args = parser.parse_args()
assert not (args.with_ethernet and args.with_etherbone)
soc = BaseSoC(revision=args.revision,
soc = BaseSoC(board=args.board, revision=args.revision,
with_ethernet = args.with_ethernet,
with_etherbone = args.with_etherbone,
sys_clk_freq = args.sys_clk_freq,
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