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How to fix Canon Printer Paper Won’t Feed?

Canon is a renowned manufacturer of printers, cameras, and other devices for imaging. For businesses and home use, Canon offers various printer models. These printers have a user-friendly interface and provide excellent services. However, a small percentage of Canon printer owners experience problems with paper feeds on the device. The problem is caused by improper paper settings in the printer. When your Canon printer displays problems with paper feed, you need to check for settings that can fix.

Common causes behind Canon printer paper not feeding error

Paper source settings that are not correct The paper quality isn't great. Foreign object that is not in the cassette or paper tray Pages aren't inserted correctly The paper roller isn't working. Troubleshooting Canon printer paper feed error: Check your source of paper settings

The Canon printer will show paper feed errors if the settings are not correct. You must check the driver for the printer to adjust your paper sources settings.

Go to the printer driver window. Tap on the source of the paper On the tab for paper, source selects the appropriate source for your paper. For plain paper, automatically. Click OK, and then your printer will be using the right source of paper Open the driver and then click on the tab for maintenance Choose paper source settings A simple paper-based setting dialog box will be displayed.

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