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How to write a philosophy essay.

So, the goal is clearer than ever - to write papersowl reviews. The unfortunate teacher, who dared to ask it, would read it with his mouth open, and after reading it with tears of amazement and delight in his eyes, would put a five in his credit with a trembling hand.

What do we have? We have the Author, an open document in Word, and the goal, a distant but no less beautiful A. The Author, of course, has the Internet, and there are plenty of essays like this on the Internet. The question arises: why not download it? I answer: because the teacher can be so insidious that he uses programs such as "Anti-Plagiarism" and would not want because of such a universal injustice to get a "swan" in the credit. Of course, if your teacher is over 70 years old and carries with him handwritten notes of lectures, you can take a risk. But if the teacher is about 30 years old, he carries a smartphone / netbook / e-book / laptop (underline the appropriate) and is registered in social networks, then take no risk, it is more expensive, although you can rely on his laziness. This option has its pluses: if those who downloaded the essay, as were uninformed in the wisdom of the ages, barbarians, and they will remain, then you may learn something. But I can't promise, because of the subjective factor and other nonsense.

So where to start? We should start with the title. Well, if the topic is already set. It is something you can immediately write at the top of the page and calm down. If there is no topic - you can get creative. But the topic, in most cases, is given to us from above, for example it can be found in the workbook, but to do this will have to find the workbook. When you complete this quest, you will have a theme. The topic can be either broad ("My Philosophy" - write whatever you want) or narrow ("The problem of so-and-so bullshit in the system of so-and-so/in the context of so-and-so."). So as not to be unsubstantiated, I will give an example of a topic with such a scheme. Suppose, "The ontological views of Democritus in the context of the development of European science"). In my opinion, those who have a narrow topic are more fortunate - at least it is immediately clear what to write about.

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