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Top 10 Best Wine Brands In India with Price For All Occasions

4- KRSMA Originally Indian, KRSMA is one of the Best wine brands in India which is only sold in India. Started by a couple who shared the same interest in wine, KRSMA is produced in limited stock to maintain its standard and have less impact on the environment. The founders pay attention to every detail to maintain their taste and standard throughout the process. Best Wines by KRSMA • Cabernet Sauvignon • Sangiovese • Syrah • Chardonnay • Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Size: 750 ml Alcohol Content: 13.6% Starting Price: 750-1050 INR Best Served With: Bacon & Eggs, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Tomatoes and Tomato Soup 5- Vallonné An antique product from India’s premium boutique winery Vallonne is known for its French-style wines with various flavors and blends. The yield in this is kept purposefully low to ensure a higher taste of aromas and flavors. One of the most important things which makes it among the best wine brands in India is its quality control. With a perfect blend of black and white grapes, Vallonne produces the best wines in the world. Best Wines by Vallonné • CRIMSON GLORY • CABERNET SAUVIGNON • VIOGNIER • SYRAH – MERLOT • ANOKHEE CABERNET SAUVIGNON Bottle Size: 750 ml Alcohol Content: 13% Starting Price: 1450 INR Best Served With: Asian Tuna Burgers, Chardonnay, Barbecue Chicken Pizza, and Malbec 6- Big Banyan If you are looking for a smooth taste that could please your taste buds well, Big Banyan is perhaps one of the best wine brands in India for you. Founded in 2007, it is getting inspiration from all around the world and producing world-class wines in India. With the fragrance of blackberries, cherries, and plums combined with black pepper and cocoa, it comes with an iconic taste. The taste is soft and velvety, making it a bit dry but perfect for lazy lunches and parties. Best Wines by Big Banyan • Cabernet Sauvignon • Chenin Blanc • Bellissima • Chardonnay • Rosa Rossa Bottle Size: 750 ml and 375 ml Alcohol Content: 13% Starting Price: 750 – 1680 INR Best Served With: Grilled meat, vegetables, pasta, and chicken

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