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LeBron James air-balled a free throw and then Twitter tried

LeBron James isn't the world's greatest free throw shooter. He's at 73 percent for his career and 71 percent this season. Leonys Martin Jersey But because he's King James, he's going to get tons of grief whenever one of his free throws mi ses badly.

Case in point: his air ball in the third quarter Thursday James McCann Jersey againstthe Nuggets. It was nothing but net just the wrong side of the net.

LeBron airball free throw.

Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral)


Twitter, naturally, had thoughts moments after that happened. Some of its attempts were equally weak and off line.

Since Lebron air balled a free throw he is not allowed to Jackie Robinson Jersey win MVP. Those are the rules that I heard

Spencer (@slcpios50)

Fine - Lance Stephenson blows on LeBron's airballed FT

CJ Fogler Ol' Steroid A s #BlackLivesMatter Josh Harrison Jersey (@cjzero)

Glad LeBron taking his flow back from Giannis

Bihagaro (@dimarco_34)

Aye Lebron air balled a free throw?

zero system (@agent_ofchaos23)

Lebron really be air balling free throws

Fly High Jo Jo (@CxWard_)

lEbRoN iZ tHeEe gOaT

Mixxwell (@MixxwellMusic)

Maybe Twitter was distracted by its Shane Greene Jersey hatred for the referees, who mi sed an inbounds violation by James earlier in the game and then called multiple fouls against the Nuggets. Those were clear signs to the haters that the officials are in Kirk Gibson Jersey James' pocket and the league wants the Lakers to win.

In other words, the peanut gallery was launching more air balls.

LeBron James air-balled a free throw and then Twitter tried 59 Bytes
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