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Nuggets Jamal Murray has best dunk of his career wiped out b

Jamal Murray has long been known as one of the more springy point guards in the NBA, but he took his in-game jumping to a new level Monday night against the Ryan O'Hearn Jersey Bucks with a ferocious dunk over Milwaukee forward D.J. Wilson. Jason Vargas Jersey

In the final seconds of the third quarter, Murray drove past Pat Connaughton and did not let up as he approached Wilson in the lane, instead cocking the ball back before slamming it on Wilson's head.

As the Denver crowd went crazy, referees signaled for an offensive foul. It was a somewhat questionable call considering Wilson appeared Frank White Jersey tojump up Billy Hamilton Jersey to contest the shot rather than standstationary outside the restricted area. Murray might have used his off-ball hand as leverage to get above Wilson, though.


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The Nuggets went on to win 109-95 against a shorthanded Bucks team playing without Giannis Hunter Dozier Jersey Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe.Murray scored 21 points and dished six a sists in Paulo Orlando Jersey 39 minutes.

Murray's dunk won't officially count, but the image of him leaping over Wilson could certainly still make for a great bedroom poster for any Nuggets fan.

Nuggets Jamal Murray has best dunk of his career wiped out b 60 Bytes
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