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Most points in an NBA Finals game Records for individuals te

It's e sentially common knowledge that the record for most points scored in a regular-season game was set by Wilt Chamberlain in 1962, but single-game records for the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals aren't as widely known.

While defenses step their games and physicality up during the playoffs, Wade Boggs Jersey so do some of the league's most prolific scorers. As a result, you can count on at least one memorable scoring performance every postseason.


Of course, the light shines brightest during the NBA Finals, where a number of stars have turned in unforgettable performances over the years Steven Wright Jersey .

As for teams, defense being at a premium means it's very rare to see Boston Red Sox Jersey teams put on an offensive clinic, but it does happen on occasion.

What are the records for most points in an NBA Finals game? Below, find a list of best NBA Finals scoring performances from individuals and teams.


Most points in an NBA Finals game: Records for individuals, teamsMost points by an individual in an NBA Finals game

In the history of the NBA Finals, only seven players have scored 50 or more points in a game. Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor set the single-game record in 1962.

PlayerPointsOpponentYear1Elgin Baylor, Lakers61Celtics19622Rick Barry, Warriors5576ers1967Michael Jordan, Bulls55Suns19934Jerry West, Lakers53Celtics19695LeBron James Enrique Hernandez Jersey , Cavaliers51*Warriors20186Bob Pettit, Hawks50Celtics1958Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks50Suns20218Allen Iverson, 76ers48*Lakers20019Stephen Curry, Warriors47Raptors201910Michael Jordan, Bulls46Trail Blazers199211Jerry West, Lakers45Celtics1965Jerry West, Lakers45Celtics1964Wilt Chamberlain, Lakers45Knicks1970Michael Jordan, Bulls45Jazz199815Rick Barry, Warriors4476ers1967

*Denotes an overtime game


Most points Jim Rice Jersey by a teamin an NBA Finals game

Only five times has a team scored over 140 points in the NBA Finals, with the most recent instance coming in 1987. The Celtics set the single-game record in a blowout victory over the Lakers in 1985.

TeamPointsOpponentYear1Celtics148Lakers (114)19852Celtics142Lakers (110)1965376ers141*Warriors (135)1967Lakers141Celtics (122)19875Celtics140Hawks (122)19606Lakers137Celtics (104)1984Cavaliers137Warriors (116)20178Celtics136Hawks (112)1958Lakers136Celtics (111)198510Warriors135*76ers Mookie Betts Jersey (141)1967Lakers135Knicks (113)197076ers135Lakers (102)198213Lakers133*Celtics (129)196614Warriors132Cavaliers (113)201715Celtics131Lakers (92)2008

*Denotes an overtime game

Most points in an NBA Finals game Records for individuals te 60 Bytes
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