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who exactly is this Niraj Naik

Even though he was just 24 years old when he began his career as a pharmacist, Niraj Naik was driven to provide exceptional health to the local community in which he worked read more on Yogitimes blog post. Instead, he saw patients leaving the facility with shopping bags stuffed with medicine, yet they never improved in their condition. In point of fact, he saw that regular patients were often prescribed more medication in order to mitigate the unwelcome effects that were caused by the first prescription. These people were ill, and some of them were becoming even worse and worse as time went on. There was a discrepancy there.


In the end, he gave in to the pressure and exhaustion brought on by the demands of his company and the meaninglessness of his life. After being given a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, Niraj Naik was forced to spend more than a year confined to his house. The physicians cautioned him that there was no cure for his condition and that he would have to continue taking medication for the rest of his life. Niraj Naik, like the consumers at his pharmacy, suffered from excruciating side effects of his prescription medication, which left him feeling completely powerless.


Niraj Naikj was offered the choice of volunteering to test an experimental treatment on himself as a guinea pig or having his colon removed (surgical removal of the colon).


Niraj Naik decided to go in a different direction, one that was uncharted territory for both himself and for conventional medicine.


Niraj embarked on a journey toward a more complete rehabilitation. He gained his knowledge from those who had had significant success in curing chronic illnesses, either in themselves or in others. He conducted study and educated himself on how to employ natural medicines such as Ayurvedic techniques and the nutritional recommendations offered by Paleo and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). Meditation and other forms of alternative medicine such as Yoga were among the topics he researched. In addition to this, he investigated ways to harness the power of the mind, such as self-hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Niraj discovered the effective ways of sound and music therapy as instruments for reducing stress and supporting physical and mental healing. This was made possible by Niraj's lifelong love of music, which led him to discover these methods.


Niraj Naik was able to conquer his illness without the use of any pharmaceuticals.


Because of this illness, he felt even greater sympathy for the patients he had treated in the past who were taking pharmaceuticals. Niraj's struggle with a major illness forced him to do an in-depth assessment of his life and consider the ways in which he might best aid others in doing the same.


Because of all that has happened to him, Niraj is no longer a pharmacist; as a consequence of his experiences, his whole outlook on illness and how to treat it has changed. Niraj is of the opinion that the primary contributor to illness and poor health in today's society is stress, and that having faith in oneself is the first stage of both treatment and prevention.


SOMA Information Regarding the Breath


The primary goal of SOMA Breath is to provide people with the knowledge, tools, and approaches they need to make changes in their lives that are not only significant but also long-lasting. The SOMA Breath techniques have the potential to bring about molecular shifts in the participants. When taken as a whole, SOMA Breath may be seen as a blueprint for an overall transformation of one's life due to the extensive number of ways in which it can be used and applied.


SOMA Breath is a school and community that covers everything under the sun yet does not have a single guru. Include Niraj in this! Members of the SOMA Breath community are strongly encouraged to cooperate with one another and provide assistance. Everyone is welcome to share and talk about new knowledge, skills, and insights; our mission is to foster a global community of intellectual and creative minds in order to ensure that as you grow, so will the tribe.


SOMA Breath is a complete system of Pranayama techniques that can be tailored to your specific needs and organized in a variety of sequences depending on the kind of course that you are enrolling in. There is no such thing as a solution that is universally applicable, and we acknowledge the fact that individuals are distinct and, as a result, call for a variety of approaches to breathing that are tailored to their needs. The SOMA Therapeutic Breathwork techniques are the fundamental Pranayama methods that have the most supporting data from the scientific community for their functions.

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