Authored by Alex Waker

What's the Procedure of Changing the Flight of Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

The first step is to visit the Hawaiian Airlines change flight. Click the Manage Flights option, select My Trips.

Enter the passenger's last name and the confirmation code or itinerary number.

Now, click now on the "alter Flights" link just above the trip summary on the page for itinerary.

Once you've selected the person you would like to change flight, click Continue.

Choose the flights you want to alter. After adjusting your travel dates and route you can select "Search for New Flights".

Choose your next flight.

Go through the schedule and click Continue.

Then, choose new seats.

Then, go through the itinerary and seating before purchasing by clicking to book This Trip.

Contact Hawaiian Airlines customer care if you receive an error notice or are unable to alter your flights.

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