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How can I make a change to an American Airlines flight?

It is possible to make any modifications to the details of your American Airlines ticket up until two hours before the flight departs. If you purchased tickets through a third party You can make any changes to your reservation by calling American Airlines.

To make adjustments to the details of your American Airlines flight change via Follow the steps listed below. Then, sign in to

After that, click the Manage Trip Check-in and then complete the forms below to access your itinerary.

Once you have filled out the application, click on the "Find your Trip" button.

The details of the itinerary are displayed on screen. In the next section, the flight you'd like to modify you can select the View/Change (or Edit Trip) button.

To alter your flight reservation, follow the steps.

If you're not able to change or view your options, call American Reservations for Airlines.

When you're ready to rebook a canceled flight, go to the Manage Trips / Check-in area and select View Canceled Trip from the drop-down menu. For assistance, dial the American Airlines flight change number.

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