Authored by John Martin

A Quick Guide To Managing Emirates Flight Bookings

Emirates is one of the world's best airlines. This Dubai-based airline allows you to not only purchase but also manage your flight tickets without having to rely on a travel agency or anybody else. Its online Manage Booking feature ensures that you can quickly make changes to your travel booking or monitor the status of your flight. Here's a rundown of everything you can do using Emirates' manage booking web interface.

How to Manage Your Booking Account with Emirates

  • To begin, use your mobile device or a web browser to access Emirates' official website.
  • Then, under the header area, go to the Manage tab and pick the Manage Your Booking option.
  • To get access, enter your surname or last name, as well as the Booking reference number from your booking itinerary, and then click the Retrieve Booking option.

You may also contact customer support to learn more about Emirates Manage Booking from the experts.

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