Authored by John Martin

The Basics of British Airways Ticket Change Policy

The urgent need for change might occur at any time, so it's best to be prepared. You won't have to worry about changing planes while flying with British Airways. Passengers from all around the world like this airline because of its relaxed restrictions.

  • British Airways Flight Change Policy allows travellers to alter their flights for free within 24 hours. Tickets must, however, be purchased at least 7 days prior to the intended departure date.
  • The modifications must be made at least 14 days prior to the departure date. The airline requires a time period to adapt modifications in accordance with the demands of its passengers.
  • Passengers who miss out on the free change window will be charged a price by British Airways.
  • Any date adjustments would need the customers to pay the difference in two flights' prices. Please keep in mind that the change charge is separate from the difference between the two flights.
  • Passengers may change their flights with British Airways in a variety of ways, although it is more convenient if they do it at the point of purchase. You cannot, however, alter your tickets if you purchased them offline.
  • In the case of a circular journey, travellers can make one-way changes without difficulty. The airline would only charge for one leg of the journey, not the full journey.
  • If the passengers used any agents during the booking process, the airline is not liable for making the modifications. Passengers must contact the agents in this situation to make any adjustments.
  • Changing a passenger's name on a British Airways aircraft is as simple as pressing a button. British Airways will not allow you to change your name completely or transfer your ticket.

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