Authored by John Martin

How to Avoid Paying for American Airlines Cancellations

  • Make use of the cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel within 24 hours. All airlines must give a 24-hour window for passengers to alter their minds, according to the US Department of Transportation. If you purchase at least 48 hours before your flight, American Airlines will give you a full refund. Except for group reservations, this applies to all forms of reservations.

  • Make a reservation ahead of time. You are entitled to a full refund if you buy your ticket well in advance and American Airlines changes their flight itinerary by 61 minutes or more before the departure date.

  • Consider taking a nonstop flight. You can cancel your nonstop flight without paying a cancellation charge if it is rebooked to an itinerary with a flight link.

  • If your flight has been substantially rescheduled, contact the airline to learn about your options for changing or cancelling your ticket. Take advantage of flight cancellations. American Airlines will rebook you on a another flight if your non-refundable ticket is cancelled. If the flight does not suit you, request a American Airlines Refund or book another ticket.

  • Put your Elite rank to good use. You may alter or cancel your reward ticket for free if you're an American Executive Platinum member.

*Extraordinary situations apply. If extraordinary circumstances prohibit you from making your trip—such as a family member's severe sickness or death, your own illness, etc.—ask American Airlines to reschedule your travel. However, you will require supporting documents.

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