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CHANGELOG: add missing entries for work during the 4.16 release cycle

Document some of the relevant changes during the 4.16 release cycle.
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Release-Acked-by: default avatarIan Jackson <>
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......@@ -21,6 +21,31 @@ The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
- qemu-traditional based device models (both, qemu-traditional and ioemu-stubdom) will
no longer be built per default. In order to be able to use those, configure needs to
be called with "--enable-qemu-traditional" as parameter.
- Fixes for credit2 scheduler stability in corner case conditions.
- Ongoing improvements in the hypervisor build system.
- vtpmmgr miscellaneous fixes in preparation for TPM 2.0 support.
- 32bit PV guests only supported in shim mode.
- Improved PVH dom0 debug key handling.
- Fix booting on some Intel systems without a PIT (i8254).
- Cleanup of the xenstore library interface.
- Fix truncation of return value from xencall2 by introducing a new helper
that returns a long instead.
- Fix system register accesses on Arm to use the proper 32/64bit access size.
- Various fixes for Arm OP-TEE mediator.
- Switch to domheap for Xen page tables.
### Added
- 32bit Arm builds to the gitlab-ci automated tests.
- x86 full system tests to the gitlab-ci automated tests.
- Arm limited vPMU support for guests.
- Static physical memory allocation for dom0less on arm64.
- dom0less EFI support on arm64.
- GICD_ICPENDR register handling in vGIC emulation to support Zephyr OS.
- CPU feature leveling on arm64 platform with heterogeneous cores.
- Report unpopulated memory regions safe to use for external mappings, Arm and
device tree only.
- Support of generic DT IOMMU bindings for Arm SMMU v2.
- Limit grant table version on a per-domain basis.
## [4.15.0](;a=shortlog;h=RELEASE-4.15.0) - 2021-04-08
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