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changelog: Add notes about CET and Migration changes

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......@@ -21,6 +21,15 @@ The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
- New 'domid_policy', allowing domain-ids to be randomly chosen.
- Option to preserve domain-id across migrate or save+restore.
- Support in kdd for initial KD protocol handshake for Win 7, 8 and 10 (64 bit).
- Tech preview support for Control-flow Execution Technology, with Xen using
Supervisor Shadow Stacks for its own protection.
### Changed
- The CPUID data seen by a guest on boot is now moved in the migration
stream. A guest migrating between non-identical hardware will now no
longer observe details such as Family/Model/Stepping, Cache, etc changing.
An administrator still needs to take care to ensure the features visible to
the guest at boot are compatible with anywhere it might migrate.
## [4.13.0](;a=shortlog;h=RELEASE-4.13.0) - 2019-12-17
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