Commit 2845588e authored by Michal Orzel's avatar Michal Orzel Committed by Stefano Stabellini

xen/arm: smmu.c: Remove unused-but-set variable

Function arm_smmu_init_context_bank defines and sets a variable
gr0_base but does not make use of it. Remove this variable.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichal Orzel <>
Acked-by: default avatarJulien Grall <>
parent 9b4f9b9a
......@@ -1086,10 +1086,9 @@ static void arm_smmu_init_context_bank(struct arm_smmu_domain *smmu_domain)
bool stage1;
struct arm_smmu_cfg *cfg = &smmu_domain->cfg;
struct arm_smmu_device *smmu = smmu_domain->smmu;
void __iomem *cb_base, *gr0_base, *gr1_base;
void __iomem *cb_base, *gr1_base;
paddr_t p2maddr;
gr0_base = ARM_SMMU_GR0(smmu);
gr1_base = ARM_SMMU_GR1(smmu);
stage1 = cfg->cbar != CBAR_TYPE_S2_TRANS;
cb_base = ARM_SMMU_CB_BASE(smmu) + ARM_SMMU_CB(smmu, cfg->cbndx);
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