Commit 010bc50a authored by Tamas K Lengyel's avatar Tamas K Lengyel Committed by Jan Beulich

x86/vmx: add hvm functions to get/set non-register state

During VM forking and resetting a failed vmentry has been observed due
to the guest non-register state going out-of-sync with the guest register
state. For example, a VM fork reset right after a STI instruction can trigger
the failed entry. This is due to the guest non-register state not being saved
from the parent VM, thus the reset operation only copies the register state.

Fix this by adding a new pair of hvm functions to get/set the guest
non-register state so that the overall vCPU state remains in sync.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTamas K Lengyel <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarKevin Tian <>
Acked-by: default avatarJan Beulich <>
parent 3f5d6146
......@@ -1334,6 +1334,36 @@ static void cf_check vmx_set_interrupt_shadow(
__vmwrite(GUEST_INTERRUPTIBILITY_INFO, intr_shadow);
static void cf_check vmx_get_nonreg_state(struct vcpu *v,
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state *nrs)
__vmread(GUEST_ACTIVITY_STATE, &nrs->vmx.activity_state);
__vmread(GUEST_INTERRUPTIBILITY_INFO, &nrs->vmx.interruptibility_info);
__vmread(GUEST_PENDING_DBG_EXCEPTIONS, &nrs->vmx.pending_dbg);
if ( cpu_has_vmx_virtual_intr_delivery )
__vmread(GUEST_INTR_STATUS, &nrs->vmx.interrupt_status);
static void cf_check vmx_set_nonreg_state(struct vcpu *v,
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state *nrs)
__vmwrite(GUEST_ACTIVITY_STATE, nrs->vmx.activity_state);
__vmwrite(GUEST_INTERRUPTIBILITY_INFO, nrs->vmx.interruptibility_info);
__vmwrite(GUEST_PENDING_DBG_EXCEPTIONS, nrs->vmx.pending_dbg);
if ( cpu_has_vmx_virtual_intr_delivery )
__vmwrite(GUEST_INTR_STATUS, nrs->vmx.interrupt_status);
static void vmx_load_pdptrs(struct vcpu *v)
uint32_t cr3 = v->arch.hvm.guest_cr[3];
......@@ -2487,6 +2517,8 @@ static struct hvm_function_table __initdata_cf_clobber vmx_function_table = {
.load_cpu_ctxt = vmx_load_vmcs_ctxt,
.get_interrupt_shadow = vmx_get_interrupt_shadow,
.set_interrupt_shadow = vmx_set_interrupt_shadow,
.get_nonreg_state = vmx_get_nonreg_state,
.set_nonreg_state = vmx_set_nonreg_state,
.guest_x86_mode = vmx_guest_x86_mode,
.get_cpl = _vmx_get_cpl,
.get_segment_register = vmx_get_segment_register,
......@@ -84,6 +84,17 @@ enum hvm_intblk {
/* update_guest_cr() flags. */
#define HVM_UPDATE_GUEST_CR3_NOFLUSH 0x00000001
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state {
union {
struct {
uint64_t activity_state;
uint64_t interruptibility_info;
uint64_t pending_dbg;
uint64_t interrupt_status;
} vmx;
* The hardware virtual machine (HVM) interface abstracts away from the
* x86/x86_64 CPU virtualization assist specifics. Currently this interface
......@@ -122,6 +133,10 @@ struct hvm_function_table {
/* Examine specifics of the guest state. */
unsigned int (*get_interrupt_shadow)(struct vcpu *v);
void (*set_interrupt_shadow)(struct vcpu *v, unsigned int intr_shadow);
void (*get_nonreg_state)(struct vcpu *v,
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state *nrs);
void (*set_nonreg_state)(struct vcpu *v,
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state *nrs);
int (*guest_x86_mode)(struct vcpu *v);
unsigned int (*get_cpl)(struct vcpu *v);
void (*get_segment_register)(struct vcpu *v, enum x86_segment seg,
......@@ -744,6 +759,20 @@ void hvm_set_reg(struct vcpu *v, unsigned int reg, uint64_t val);
d_->arch.hvm.pi_ops.vcpu_block(v_); \
static inline void hvm_get_nonreg_state(struct vcpu *v,
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state *nrs)
if ( hvm_funcs.get_nonreg_state )
alternative_vcall(hvm_funcs.get_nonreg_state, v, nrs);
static inline void hvm_set_nonreg_state(struct vcpu *v,
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state *nrs)
if ( hvm_funcs.set_nonreg_state )
alternative_vcall(hvm_funcs.set_nonreg_state, v, nrs);
#else /* CONFIG_HVM */
#define hvm_enabled false
......@@ -1645,6 +1645,14 @@ static int bring_up_vcpus(struct domain *cd, struct domain *d)
return 0;
static void copy_vcpu_nonreg_state(struct vcpu *d_vcpu, struct vcpu *cd_vcpu)
struct hvm_vcpu_nonreg_state nrs = {};
hvm_get_nonreg_state(d_vcpu, &nrs);
hvm_set_nonreg_state(cd_vcpu, &nrs);
static int copy_vcpu_settings(struct domain *cd, const struct domain *d)
unsigned int i;
......@@ -1653,7 +1661,7 @@ static int copy_vcpu_settings(struct domain *cd, const struct domain *d)
for ( i = 0; i < cd->max_vcpus; i++ )
const struct vcpu *d_vcpu = d->vcpu[i];
struct vcpu *d_vcpu = d->vcpu[i];
struct vcpu *cd_vcpu = cd->vcpu[i];
mfn_t vcpu_info_mfn;
......@@ -1696,6 +1704,8 @@ static int copy_vcpu_settings(struct domain *cd, const struct domain *d)
copy_vcpu_nonreg_state(d_vcpu, cd_vcpu);
* TODO: to support VMs with PV interfaces copy additional
* settings here, such as PV timers.
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