Commit cfb871c3 authored by Shaun Ruffell's avatar Shaun Ruffell Committed by laforge

vpmadt032: Create .o.cmd file for the shipped object file.

Kernel version 5.8, in commit "modpost: use read_text_file() and
get_line() for reading text files" [1] made it an error if the .o.cmd
file is missing. However, this file is not generated for shipped .o

[1] default avatarShaun Ruffell <>
Change-Id: I06d201bcd07b35cb41c8c4a8467bcad6471c431a
parent 8186f84c
......@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@ dahdi_vpmadt032_loader-objs := vpmadt032_loader/dahdi_vpmadt032_loader.o
ifneq ($(DAHDI_ARCH),)
ifneq ($(wildcard $(src)/vpmadt032_loader/vpmadt032_$(DAHDI_ARCH).o_shipped),)
$(shell touch $(KBUILD_EXTMOD)/vpmadt032_loader/.vpmadt032_$(DAHDI_ARCH).o.cmd)
dahdi_vpmadt032_loader-objs += vpmadt032_loader/vpmadt032_$(DAHDI_ARCH).o
obj-$(DAHDI_BUILD_ALL)$(CONFIG_DAHDI_VPMADT032_LOADER) += dahdi_vpmadt032_loader.o
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