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readme: Add info about the fork, list of added drivers

Change-Id: I54d3000d4535b9279f53a8c30870e897bdcf0f91
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DAHDI Telephony Interface Driver
Fork by Osmocom, re-introduces support for old hardware and
adds support for Osmocom icE1usb adapter.
Additional drivers:
- icE1usb:
* Osmocom icE1usb
- wcte11xp:
* Digium TE11xP: PCI single-port T1/E1 card
- wcte12xp:
* Digium TE12xP: PCI single-port T1/E1 card
- zaphfc:
* CologneChip HFC-S-based PCI cards
Asterisk Development Team <>
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