Commit a7cc4fd8 authored by Anatol Pomozov's avatar Anatol Pomozov

Fix compilation error found at Linux Arch

/home/anatol/sources/archpackages/dsview-git/src/DSView/DSView/pv/data/decode/annotation.cpp: In constructor ‘pv::data::decode::Annotation::Annotation(const srd_proto_data*)’:
/home/anatol/sources/archpackages/dsview-git/src/DSView/DSView/pv/data/decode/annotation.cpp:43:17: error: ‘const struct srd_proto_data_annotation’ has no member named ‘ann_class’
  _format = pda->ann_class;
parent c54022b8
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Annotation::Annotation(const srd_proto_data *const pdata) :
(const srd_proto_data_annotation*)pdata->data;
_format = pda->ann_class;
_format = pda->ann_format;
const char *const *annotations = (char**)pda->ann_text;
while(*annotations) {
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