1. 01 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  2. 29 May, 2013 1 commit
    • Maciej W. Rozycki's avatar
      gas/ · d6101ac2
      Maciej W. Rozycki authored
      	* write.c (resolve_reloc_expr_symbols): On REL targets don't
      	convert relocs who have no relocatable field either.  Rephrase
      	the conditional so that the PC-relative check is only applied
      	for REL targets.
      	* gas/mips/jalr3.d: New test.
      	* gas/mips/jalr3-n32.d: New test.
      	* gas/mips/jalr3-n64.d: New test.
      	* gas/mips/jalr3.s: New test source.
      	* gas/mips/mips.exp: Run the new tests.
      	* ld-mips-elf/jalr3.dd: New test.
      	* ld-mips-elf/jalr3.ld: New test linker script.
      	* ld-mips-elf/mips-elf.exp: Run the new test.
  3. 08 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Chung-Lin Tang's avatar
      2013-03-08 Chung-Lin Tang <cltang@codesourcery.com> · 8e723a10
      Chung-Lin Tang authored
      	* write.h (struct fix): Add fx_dot_frag field.
      	(dot_frag): Declare.
      	* write.c (dot_frag): New variable.
      	(fix_new_internal): Set fx_dot_frag field with dot_frag.
      	(fixup_segment): Base calculation of fx_offset with fx_dot_frag.
      	* expr.c (expr): Save value of frag_now in dot_frag when setting
      	* read.c (emit_expr): Likewise. Delete comments.
  4. 04 Feb, 2013 1 commit
  5. 10 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • H.J. Lu's avatar
      Remove trailing white spaces on gas · 34bca508
      H.J. Lu authored
      	* app.c: Remove trailing white spaces.
      	* as.c: Likewise.
      	* as.h: Likewise.
      	* cond.c: Likewise.
      	* dw2gencfi.c: Likewise.
      	* dwarf2dbg.h: Likewise.
      	* ecoff.c: Likewise.
      	* input-file.c: Likewise.
      	* itbl-lex.h: Likewise.
      	* output-file.c: Likewise.
      	* read.c: Likewise.
      	* sb.c: Likewise.
      	* subsegs.c: Likewise.
      	* symbols.c: Likewise.
      	* write.c: Likewise.
      	* config/tc-i386.c: Likewise.
      	* doc/Makefile.am: Likewise.
      	* doc/Makefile.in: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-alpha.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-arc.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-arm.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-bfin.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-cr16.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-d10v.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-d30v.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-h8300.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-hppa.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-i370.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-i386.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-i860.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-m32c.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-m32r.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-m68hc11.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-m68k.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-microblaze.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-mips.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-msp430.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-mt.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-s390.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-score.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-sh.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-sh64.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-tic54x.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-tic6x.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-v850.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-xc16x.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-xgate.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-xtensa.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/c-z80.texi: Likewise.
      	* doc/internals.texi: Likewise.
  6. 01 Oct, 2012 1 commit
  7. 02 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  8. 28 Jun, 2012 1 commit
    • Nick Clifton's avatar
      * dwarf2dbg.c (DWARF2_USE_FIXED_ADVANCE_PC): Enable when using · 453dc3f0
      Nick Clifton authored
      	linker relaxation.
      	(dwarf2_gen_line_info): Generate real, local, labels for line
      	(dwarf2dbg_convert_frag): Do not finalize the computation of the
      	frag's symbol value when linker relaxation is enabled.
      	(ADDR_DELTA_LIMIT): Define.
      	(size_fixed_inc_line_addr): Use ADDR_DELTA_LIMIT.
      	(emit_fixed_inc_line_addr): Likewise.
      	* write.c (fixup_segment): If the subtraction of two symbols
      	cannot be resolved but is valid, then prevent bogus range warnings
      	by pre-biasing add_number.
      	* config/tc-h8300.h (DWARF2_USE_FIXED_ADVANCE_PC): Define to 0.
      	* gas/lns/lns.exp: Use alternate lns-common test for targets
      	enabling linker relaxation.
      	* gas/lns/lns-big-delta.d: Allow for output from architectures
      	with 32-bit addresses.
  9. 21 Feb, 2012 2 commits
    • Iain Sandoe's avatar
      provide a hook to allow checking errors just before we output the file. · 16a87420
      Iain Sandoe authored
      	* write.c (write_object_file): Add md_pre_output_hook.
      	* config/obj-macho.c (obj_mach_o_check_before_writing): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_pre_output_hook): New.
      	* config/obj-macho.h (md_pre_output_hook): Define.
      	(obj_mach_o_pre_output_hook): Declare.
    • Iain Sandoe's avatar
      · cdaa5616
      Iain Sandoe authored
      2012-02-21  Tristan Gingold  <gingold@adacore.com>
      	* config/tc-i386.h (OBJ_MACH_O): New section.
      	(TC_FORCE_RELOCATION): Use obj_mach_o_force_reloc.
      	(TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): New.
      	* frags.h (struct frag): OBJ_FRAG_TYPE, new field.
      	* symbols.c (colon): obj_frob_colon: New hook.
      	* write.c (write_object_file): md_pre_relax_hook, new
      	* config/obj-macho.c (obj_mach_o_frob_colon): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_frob_label): Record sub-section labels.
      	(obj_mach_o_frob_symbol): Rename from obj_macho_frob_symbol.
      	(obj_mach_o_set_subsections): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_pre_relax_hook): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_in_different_subsection): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_force_reloc_sub_same): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_force_reloc_sub_local): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_force_reloc): New.
      	* config/obj-macho.h (OBJ_SYMFIELD_TYPE): New.
      	(obj_frob_colon): New Define.
      	(obj_mach_o_frob_label): Renamed.
      	(obj_mach_o_frob_symbol): Renamed.
      	(OBJ_FRAG_TYPE): New.
      	(obj_mach_o_in_different_subsection, obj_mach_o_force_reloc,
      	 obj_mach_o_force_reloc_sub_local): New declarations.
  10. 17 Jan, 2012 1 commit
  11. 15 Nov, 2011 1 commit
  12. 18 Aug, 2011 1 commit
  13. 04 Aug, 2011 2 commits
  14. 01 Aug, 2011 1 commit
  15. 06 May, 2011 1 commit
  16. 31 Jan, 2011 1 commit
    • Nick Clifton's avatar
      * write.c (write_contents): Include output file name and bfd error · a22429b9
      Nick Clifton authored
      	value when reporting the inability to write to the output file.
      	* config/tc-rx.c (rx_handle_align): Do not insert NOPs into align
      	frag that has a non-zero fill value.
      	* gas/all/align.d: Skip for the RX.
      	* gas/elf/group1a.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/elf/groupautoa.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/elf/elf.exp: Do not run section5 test for the RX port.
      	* gas/elf/section4.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/elf/section7.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/macros/semi.s: Fill with a non-zero pattern.
      	* gas/macros/semi.d: Expect non-zero fill value.
      	* gas/rx/bcnd.d: Update expected disassembly.
      	* gas/rx/bra.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/rx/macros.inc: Add reg1 macro.
      	* gas/rx/max.sm: Use reg1 macro to avoid generating illegal NOP
      	* gas/rx/mov.sm: Likewise.
      	* gas/rx/max.d: Update expected disassembly.
      	* gas/rx/mov.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/rx/rx-asm-good.s: Use Renesas section names.
      	* gas/rx/rx-asm-good.d: Update expected disassembly.
  17. 19 Jan, 2011 1 commit
  18. 18 Jan, 2011 1 commit
    • H.J. Lu's avatar
      Don't compress empty debug sections. · 24a2d04d
      H.J. Lu authored
      2011-01-18  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	PR gas/12409
      	* write.c (compress_debug): Return if section size is 0.
      2011-01-18  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	PR gas/12409
      	* gas/elf/dwarf2-4.d: New.
      	* gas/elf/dwarf2-4.s: Likewise.
  19. 02 Dec, 2010 1 commit
    • Richard Sandiford's avatar
      gas/ · c969da64
      Richard Sandiford authored
      	* symbols.c (S_FORCE_RELOC): Return true for indirect functions
      	even if !strict.
      	* expr.c (operand): Don't convert absolute symbols to constants
      	if S_FORCE_RELOC is true.
      	(expr): Only reduce subtractions between different symbols if
      	S_FORCE_RELOC is false for both of them.
      	* write.c (fixup_segment): Don't remove symbols if S_FORCE_RELOC
      	is true for them, regardless of their segment.
      	* gas/i386/ifunc-2.s, gas/i386/ifunc-2.l: New test.
      	* gas/i386/ifunc-3.s, gas/i386/ifunc-3.d: Likeise.
      	* gas/i386/i386.exp: Run them.
  20. 29 Oct, 2010 1 commit
    • H.J. Lu's avatar
      Add compressed debug section support to binutils and ld. · 4a114e3e
      H.J. Lu authored
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	    Cary Coutant  <ccoutant@google.com>
      	* archive.c (bfd_openr_next_archived_file): Copy BFD_COMPRESS
      	and BFD_DECOMPRESS.
      	* bfd.c (BFD_COMPRESS): New.
      	(BFD_DECOMPRESS): Likewise.
      	(BFD_FLAGS_SAVED): Likewise.
      	(bfd_preserve_save): Replace BFD_IN_MEMORY with BFD_FLAGS_SAVED.
      	* compress.c (bfd_uncompress_section_contents): Removed.
      	(get_uncompressed_size): New.
      	(decompress_contents): Likewise.
      	(bfd_compress_section_contents): Likewise.
      	(bfd_get_full_section_contents): Likewise.
      	(bfd_is_section_compressed): Likewise.
      	(bfd_init_section_decompress_status): Likewise.
      	(bfd_init_section_compress_status): Likewise.
      	* dwarf2.c (dwarf_debug_sections): New.
      	(dwarf_debug_section_enum): Likewise.
      	(read_section): Remove section_name and compressed_section_name.
      	Add dwarf_debug_section_enum.  Try compressed debug section.
      	(read_indirect_string): Updated.
      	(read_abbrevs): Likewise.
      	(decode_line_info): Likewise.
      	(read_debug_ranges): Likewise.
      	(find_line): Updated.
      	* ecoff.c (bfd_debug_section): Add compress_status and
      	* elf.c (_bfd_elf_make_section_from_shdr): Call
      	bfd_is_section_compressed to check if a DWARF debug section is
      	compressed.  Call bfd_init_section_compress_status or
      	bfd_init_section_decompress_status if needed.
      	* elflink.c (elf_link_input_bfd): Replace bfd_get_section_contents
      	with bfd_get_full_section_contents.
      	* merge.c (_bfd_add_merge_section): Likewise.
      	* reloc.c (bfd_generic_get_relocated_section_contents): Likewise.
      	* simple.c (bfd_simple_get_relocated_section_contents): Likewise.
      	* elfxx-target.h (TARGET_BIG_SYM): Allow BFD_COMPRESS and
      	(TARGET_LITTLE_SYM): Likewise.
      	* libbfd-in.h (dwarf_debug_section): New.
      	(dwarf_debug_sections): Likewise.
      	* libbfd.c (_bfd_generic_get_section_contents): Issue an error
      	when getting contents on compressed/decompressed section.
      	* section.c (COMPRESS_SECTION_NONE): New.
      	(COMPRESS_SECTION_DONE): Likewise.
      	(BFD_FAKE_SECTION): Add compress_status and compressed_size.
      	(bfd_malloc_and_get_section): Replace bfd_get_section_contents
      	with bfd_get_full_section_contents.
      	* bfd-in2.h: Regenerated.
      	* libbfd.h: Likewise.
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	* addr2line.c (process_file): Set BFD_DECOMPRESS.
      	* objcopy.c (do_debug_sections): New.
      	(copy_options): Add OPTION_COMPRESS_DEBUG_SECTIONS and
      	(copy_usage): Add --compress-debug-sections and
      	(copy_file): Set BFD_COMPRESS or BFD_DECOMPRESS.
      	(copy_section): Replace bfd_get_section_contents with
      	(copy_main): Handle OPTION_COMPRESS_DEBUG_SECTIONS and
      	OPTION_DECOMPRESS_DEBUG_SECTIONS.  Check do_debug_sections to
      	rename DWARF debug sections.
      	* objdump.c (load_specific_debug_section): Replace
      	bfd_get_section_contents with bfd_get_full_section_contents.
      	Remove bfd_uncompress_section_contents.
      	(dump_section): Replace bfd_get_section_contents with
      	(display_file): Set BFD_DECOMPRESS if needed.
      	* readelf.c (uncompress_section_contents): Set buffer to NULL
      	to indiate decompression failure.
      	(load_specific_debug_section): Always call
      	* doc/binutils.texi: Document --compress-debug-sections and
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	* binutils-all/compress.exp: New.
      	* binutils-all/dw2-1.S: Likewise.
      	* binutils-all/dw2-2.S: Likewise.
      	* binutils-all/libdw2-compressed.out: Likewise.
      	* binutils-all/libdw2.out: Likewise.
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	* write.c (compress_debug): Optimize section flags check.
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	* elf/dwarf2-1.s: Replace .zdebug_abbrev section with
      	.debug_abbrev section.
      	* elf/dwarf2-2.3: Likewise.
      	* elf/dwarf2-1.d: Pass --compress-debug-sections to assembler.
      	* elf/dwarf2-2.d: Likewise.
      	* gas/i386/i386.exp: Remove xfail on dw2-compress-2 and
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	* ldfile.c (ldfile_try_open_bfd): Set BFD_DECOMPRESS after
      	bfd_openr returns.
      	* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_try_needed): Likewise.
      	* scripttempl/elf.sc: Include compressed DWARF debug sections.
      2010-10-29  H.J. Lu  <hongjiu.lu@intel.com>
      	* ld-elf/compress.exp: New.
      	* ld-elf/compress1.s: Likewise.
      	* ld-elf/compress1a.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-elf/compress1b.d: Likewise.
      	* ld-elf/compress1c.d: Likewise.
  21. 25 Oct, 2010 1 commit
    • Alan Modra's avatar
      PR gas/12049 · e5940dff
      Alan Modra authored
      	* write.c (relax_frag): Don't allow forward branches to temporarily
      	becomde backward branches.
  22. 19 Oct, 2010 2 commits
  23. 03 Jul, 2010 1 commit
    • Cary Coutant's avatar
      bfd/ChangeLog: · 0acf065b
      Cary Coutant authored
      	* compress.c (bfd_uncompress_section_contents): Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
      	* dwarf2.c (read_and_uncompress_section): New function.
      	(read_section): Call it.
      	(find_line): Likewise.
      	* objdump.c (load_specific_debug_section): Decompress section contents
      	before applying relocations.
      	* readelf.c (load_specific_debug_section): Update section size after
      	* Makefile.am: Add compress-debug.c and compress-debug.h.
      	* Makefile.in: Regenerate.
      	* config.in: Add HAVE_ZLIB_H.
      	* configure.in: Check for zlib.h.
      	* configure: Regenerate.
      	* as.c (parse_args): Add --compress-debug-sections and
      	* as.h (flag_compress_debug): New variable.
      	* compress-debug.c: New file.
      	* compress-debug.h: New file.
      	* write.c: Include compress-debug.h.
      	(compress_frag): New function.
      	(compress_debug): New function.
      	(write_object_file): Compress debug sections if requested.
  24. 04 May, 2010 1 commit
  25. 29 Apr, 2010 1 commit
    • Nick Clifton's avatar
      * write.c (fixup_segment): Do not assume we know the section a · 77db8e2e
      Nick Clifton authored
              defined weak symbol is in.
              * config/tc-arm.c (relax_adr, relax_branch, md_apply_fix): Treat
              weak symbols as not known to be in the same section, even if they
              are defined.
              * gas/arm/weakdef-1.s: New.
              * gas/arm/weakdef-1.d: New.
              * gas/arm/weakdef-2.s: New.
              * gas/arm/weakdef-2.d: New.
              * gas/arm/weakdef-2.l: New.
  26. 23 Jan, 2010 1 commit
    • Richard Sandiford's avatar
      bfd/ · c865e45b
      Richard Sandiford authored
      	* coff-rs6000.c (xcoff_howto_table): Change size to 0 and bitsize to 1.
      	(_bfd_xcoff_reloc_type_lookup): Handle BFD_RELOC_NONE.
      	* coff64-rs6000.c (xcoff64_howto_table): Change size to 0 and
      	bitsize to 1.
      	(xcoff64_reloc_type_lookup): Handle BFD_RELOC_NONE.
      	* write.h (fix_at_start): Declare.
      	* write.c (fix_new_internal): Add at_beginning parameter.
      	Use it instead of REVERSE_SORT_RELOCS.  Fix the handling of
      	seg_fix_tailP for the at_beginning/REVERSE_SORT_RELOCS case.
      	(fix_new, fix_new_exp): Update accordingly.
      	(fix_at_start): New function.
      	* config/tc-ppc.c (md_pseudo_table): Add .ref to the OBJ_XCOFF section.
      	(ppc_ref): New function, for OBJ_XCOFF.
      	(md_apply_fix): Handle BFD_RELOC_NONE for OBJ_XCOFF.
      	* config/te-i386aix.h (REVERSE_SORT_RELOCS): Remove #undef.
      	* gas/ppc/xcoff-ref-1.s, gas/ppc/xcoff-ref-1.l: New test.
      	* gas/ppc/aix.exp: Run it.
      	* ld-powerpc/aix-ref-1-32.od, ld-powerpc/aix-ref-1-64.od,
      	ld-powerpc/aix-ref-1.s: New tests.
      	* ld-powerpc/aix52.exp: Run them.
  27. 11 Dec, 2009 1 commit
  28. 11 Sep, 2009 1 commit
    • Nick Clifton's avatar
      * po/bfd.pot: Updated by the Translation project. · 1e9cc1c2
      Nick Clifton authored
              * po/binutils.pot: Updated by the Translation project.
              * po/gold.pot: Updated by the Translation project.
              * po/gold.pot: Updated by the Translation project.
              * po/gprof.pot: Updated by the Translation project.
              * po/sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.
              * po/ld.pot: Updated by the Translation project.
              * po/fi.po: Updated Finnish translation.
              * po/ld.pot: Updated by the Translation project.
              * po/fi.po: Updated Finnish translation.
              Updated sources to compile cleanly with -Wc++-compat:
              * basic_blocks.c: Add casts.
              * cg_dfn.c: Add cast.
              * corefile.c: Add casts.
              * gmon_io.c: Add casts.
              * hist.c: Add cast.
              * source.c: Add cast.
              * sym_ids.c (struct match): Moved to top level.
              Updated soruces in ld/* to compile cleanly with -Wc++-compat:
              * ld.h (enum endian_enum,enum symbolic_enum,enum dynamic_list_enum): Move to top level.
              * ldcref.c: Add casts.
              * ldctor.c: Add casts.
              * ldexp.c
              * ldexp.h (enum node_tree_enum,enum phase_enum): Move to top level.
              * ldlang.c: Add casts. (lang_insert_orphan): Use enum name instead of integer.
              * ldlang.h (enum statement_enum): Move to top level.
              * ldmain.c: Add casts.
              * ldwrite.c: Add casts.
              * lexsup.c: Add casts. (enum control_enum): Move to top level.
              * mri.c: Add casts. (mri_draw_tree): Use enum name instead of integer.
              Updated sources to compile cleanly with -Wc++-compat:
              * basic_blocks.c: Add casts.
              * cg_dfn.c: Add cast.
              * corefile.c: Add casts.
              * gmon_io.c: Add casts.
              * hist.c: Add cast.
              * source.c: Add cast.
              * sym_ids.c (struct match): Moved to top level.
              * as.c (main): Call dwarf2_init.
              * config/obj-elf.c (struct group_list): New field.
              (build_group_lists): Use hash lookup.
              (free_section_idx): New function.
              (elf_frob_file): Adjust.
              * dwarf2dbg.c (all_segs_hash, last_seg_ptr): New variables.
              (get_line_subseg): Adjust.
              (dwarf2_init): New function.
              * dwarf2dbg.h (dwarf2_init): New declaration.
  29. 02 Sep, 2009 1 commit
  30. 31 Aug, 2009 1 commit
  31. 17 Aug, 2009 1 commit
    • Kai Tietz's avatar
      2009-08-17 Kai Tietz <kai.tietz@onevision.com> · f3d2b04b
      Kai Tietz authored
              * config/obj-coff-seh.c: New file.
              * config/obj-coff-seh.h: Likewise.
              * config/obj-coff.c (obj-coff-seh.c): Add include.
              (coff_pseudo_table): Add new .seh... commands.
              * config/obj-coff.h (obj_coff_seh_do_final): Add new
              function prototype.
              (obj_coff_generate_pdata): New obj-coff hook.
              * gas/write.c (size_seg): Avoid sizing of already sized
              (write_object_file): Call conditional hook
              * Makefile.am: Add dependencies for new files.
              * Makefile.in: Regenerated.
  32. 22 Jun, 2009 1 commit
    • Nick Clifton's avatar
      * gas/app, gas/as.c, gas/as.h, gas/atof-generic.c, gas/cgen.c, · 9c2799c2
      Nick Clifton authored
              gas/config/atof-ieee.c, gas/config/obj-aout.c,
              gas/config/obj-coff.c, gas/config/obj-ecoff.c,
              gas/config/obj-elf.c, gas/config/obj-som.c, gas/config/tc-alpha.c,
              gas/config/tc-arc.c, gas/config/tc-arm.c, gas/config/tc-cr16.c,
              gas/config/tc-cris.c, gas/config/tc-crx.c, gas/config/tc-d30v.c,
              gas/config/tc-dlx.c, gas/config/tc-hppa.c, gas/config/tc-i370.c,
              gas/config/tc-i386-intel.c, gas/config/tc-i386.c,
              gas/config/tc-i860.c, gas/config/tc-i960.c, gas/config/tc-ia64.c,
              gas/config/tc-iq2000.c, gas/config/tc-m32c.c,
              gas/config/tc-m32r.c, gas/config/tc-m68hc11.c,
              gas/config/tc-m68k.c, gas/config/tc-maxq.c, gas/config/tc-mcore.c,
              gas/config/tc-mep.c, gas/config/tc-mips.c, gas/config/tc-mmix.c,
              gas/config/tc-mn10300.c, gas/config/tc-moxie.c,
              gas/config/tc-ns32k.c, gas/config/tc-pj.c, gas/config/tc-ppc.c,
              gas/config/tc-s390.c, gas/config/tc-score.c,
              gas/config/tc-score7.c, gas/config/tc-sh.c, gas/config/tc-sparc.c,
              gas/config/tc-spu.c, gas/config/tc-tic30.c, gas/config/tc-vax.c,
              gas/config/tc-xtensa.c, gas/config/xtensa-relax.c,
              gas/dw2gencfi.c, gas/dwarf2dbg.c, gas/ehopt.c, gas/expr.c,
              gas/frags.c, gas/input-file.c, gas/read.c, gas/sb.c,
              gas/subsegs.c, gas/symbols.c, gas/write.c: Change the name of the
              gas macro `assert' to `gas_assert'.
  33. 10 Mar, 2009 1 commit
  34. 19 Sep, 2008 2 commits
    • Alan Modra's avatar
      * write.c (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_LOCAL): Heed md_register_arithmetic. · 5db484ff
      Alan Modra authored
      	(TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
      	* config/tc-frv.h (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_LOCAL): Likewise.
      	* config/tc-hppa.h (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_LOCAL): Likewise.
      	* config/tc-mn10300.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
      	* config/tc-sh.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
      	* config/tc-sh64.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
      	* config/tc-xtensa.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
      	* doc/internals.texi (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS,
    • Alan Modra's avatar
      * write.c (md_register_arithmetic): Define. · 9a97a5d7
      Alan Modra authored
      	(fixup_segment): Adjust TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS invocation.
      	Modify error message when registers involved.
      	(TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS): Heed md_register_arithmetic.
      	* config/tc-sh.h (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS): Likewise.
  35. 15 Sep, 2008 1 commit
  36. 20 Aug, 2008 1 commit
    • Alan Modra's avatar
      PR 6848 · 76d12939
      Alan Modra authored
      	* write.c (install_reloc): Check that reloc symbols have been
      	(set_symtab): Mark symbols with BSF_KEEP.