Add IPMI whitelist to Blackbird, but do not activate.

For future development
parent 6368b29c
0x00:0x00 //<Chassis>:<Chassis Capabiliti>
0x00:0x01 //<Chassis>:<Get Chassis Status>
0x00:0x02 //<Chassis>:<Chassis Control>
0x00:0x05 //<Chassis>:<Set Chassis Capabilities>
0x00:0x06 //<Chassis>:<Set Power Restore Policy>
0x00:0x08 //<Chassis>:<Set System Boot Options>
0x00:0x09 //<Chassis>:<Get System Boot Options>
0x00:0x0F //<Chassis>:<Get POH Counter Command>
0x04:0x02 //<Sensor/Event>:<Platform event>
0x04:0x2D //<Sensor/Event>:<Get Sensor Reading>
0x04:0x2F //<Sensor/Event>:<Get Sensor Type>
0x04:0x30 //<Sensor/Event>:<Set Sensor Reading and Event Status>
0x06:0x01 //<App>:<Get Device ID>
0x06:0x04 //<App>:<Get Self Test Results>
0x06:0x06 //<App>:<Set ACPI Power State>
0x06:0x07 //<App>:<Get ACPI Power State>
0x06:0x08 //<App>:<Get Device GUID>
0x06:0x22 //<App>:<Reset Watchdog Timer>
0x06:0x24 //<App>:<Set Watchdog Timer>
0x06:0x25 //<App>:<Get Watchdog Timer>
0x06:0x2E //<App>:<Set BMC Global Enables>
0x06:0x2F //<App>:<Get BMC Global Enables>
0x06:0x31 //<App>:<Get Message Flags>
0x06:0x35 //<App>:<Read Event Message Buffer>
0x06:0x36 //<App>:<Get BT Interface Capabilities>
0x06:0x37 //<App>:<Get System GUID>
0x06:0x42 //<App>:<Get Channel Info Command>
0x06:0x4E //<App>:<Get Channel Payload Support>
0x06:0x54 //<App>:<Get Channel Cipher Suites>
0x0A:0x10 //<Storage>:<Get FRU Inventory Area Info>
0x0A:0x11 //<Storage>:<Read FRU Data>
0x0A:0x20 //<Storage>:<Get SDR Repository Info>
0x0A:0x22 //<Storage>:<Reserve SDR Repository>
0x0A:0x23 //<Storage>:<Get SDR>
0x0A:0x40 //<Storage>:<Get SEL Info>
0x0A:0x42 //<Storage>:<Reserve SEL>
0x0A:0x44 //<Storage>:<Add SEL Entry>
0x0A:0x48 //<Storage>:<Get SEL Time>
0x0A:0x49 //<Storage>:<Set SEL Time>
0x0C:0x02 //<Transport>:<Get LAN Configuration Parameters>
0x2C:0x00 //<Group Extension>:<Group Extension Command>
0x2C:0x01 //<Group Extension>:<Get DCMI Capabilities>
0x2C:0x02 //<Group Extension>:<Get Power Reading>
0x2C:0x03 //<Group Extension>:<Get Power Limit>
0x2C:0x06 //<Group Extension>:<Get Asset Tag>
0x2C:0x07 //<Group Extension>:<Get Sensor Info>
0x2C:0x10 //<Group Extension>:<Get Temperature Readings>
......@@ -8,3 +8,9 @@ SRC_URI_append = " \
EXTRA_OECONF_append = " \
CHANNEL_YAML_GEN=${WORKDIR}/channel.yaml \
# Replace the default whitelist on Blackbird systems
SRC_URI_append = " file://blackbird-ipmid-whitelist.conf"
WHITELIST_CONF_remove = " ${S}/host-ipmid-whitelist.conf"
WHITELIST_CONF_append = " ${WORKDIR}/blackbird-ipmid-whitelist.conf"
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