Commit 234b5d77 authored by Alan Mishchenko's avatar Alan Mishchenko

Experiment with permutations.

parent f543d39e
......@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ void Gia_EnumPerms( int nVars )
nLogVars = Abc_Base2Log( Count );
printf( "Need %d variables to encode %d sets.\n", nLogVars, Count );
Count = 0;
fprintf( pFile, ".i %d\n", 10 );
fprintf( pFile, ".i %d\n", nLogVars );
fprintf( pFile, ".o %d\n", nVars*nVars );
Gia_EnumPerms_rec( pUsed, nVars, pPerm, 0, &Count, pFile, nLogVars );
fprintf( pFile, ".e\n" );
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