Unverified Commit 13da4caa authored by Michael Neuling's avatar Michael Neuling Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #196 from ozbenh/makefile-lib-fix

Makefile: Improve unisim library generation
parents 0739b55b 097d19fd
GHDL ?= ghdl
GHDLFLAGS=--std=08 --work=unisim -frelaxed
GHDLFLAGS=--std=08 -frelaxed
CFLAGS=-O3 -Wall
GHDLSYNTH ?= ghdl.so
......@@ -54,12 +54,17 @@ soc_files = wishbone_arbiter.vhdl wishbone_bram_wrapper.vhdl sync_fifo.vhdl \
wishbone_debug_master.vhdl xics.vhdl syscon.vhdl soc.vhdl
soc_sim_files = sim_console.vhdl sim_uart.vhdl sim_bram_helpers.vhdl \
sim_bram.vhdl sim_jtag_socket.vhdl sim_jtag.vhdl \
sim-unisim/BSCANE2.vhdl sim-unisim/BUFG.vhdl \
sim-unisim/unisim_vcomponents.vhdl dmi_dtm_xilinx.vhdl
sim_bram.vhdl sim_jtag_socket.vhdl sim_jtag.vhdl dmi_dtm_xilinx.vhdl
unisim_lib = sim-unisim/unisim-obj08.cf
unisim_lib_files = sim-unisim/BSCANE2.vhdl sim-unisim/BUFG.vhdl \
$(unisim_lib): $(unisim_lib_files)
ghdl -i --std=08 --work=unisim --workdir=sim-unisim $^
soc_sim_c_files = sim_vhpi_c.c sim_bram_helpers_c.c sim_console_c.c \
comma := ,
soc_sim_link=$(patsubst %,-Wl$(comma)%,$(soc_sim_obj_files))
......@@ -68,8 +73,8 @@ core_tbs = multiply_tb divider_tb rotator_tb countzero_tb
soc_tbs = core_tb icache_tb dcache_tb dmi_dtm_tb wishbone_bram_tb
soc_dram_tbs = dram_tb core_dram_tb
$(soc_tbs): %: $(core_files) $(soc_files) $(soc_sim_files) $(soc_sim_obj_files) %.vhdl
$(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) $(soc_sim_link) $(core_files) $(soc_files) $(soc_sim_files) $@.vhdl -e $@
$(soc_tbs): %: $(core_files) $(soc_files) $(soc_sim_files) $(soc_sim_obj_files) $(unisim_lib) %.vhdl
$(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) -Psim-unisim $(soc_sim_link) $(core_files) $(soc_files) $(soc_sim_files) $@.vhdl -e $@
$(core_tbs): %: $(core_files) glibc_random.vhdl glibc_random_helpers.vhdl %.vhdl
$(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) $(core_files) glibc_random.vhdl glibc_random_helpers.vhdl $@.vhdl -e $@
......@@ -101,8 +106,8 @@ soc_dram_sim_obj_files = $(soc_sim_obj_files) sim_litedram_c.o
dram_link_files=-Wl,obj_dir/Vlitedram_core__ALL.a -Wl,obj_dir/verilated.o -Wl,obj_dir/verilated_vcd_c.o -Wl,-lstdc++
soc_dram_sim_link=$(patsubst %,-Wl$(comma)%,$(soc_dram_sim_obj_files)) $(dram_link_files)
$(soc_dram_tbs): %: $(core_files) $(soc_dram_files) $(soc_dram_sim_files) $(soc_dram_sim_obj_files) %.vhdl
$(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) $(soc_dram_sim_link) $(core_files) $(soc_dram_files) $(soc_dram_sim_files) $@.vhdl -e $@
$(soc_dram_tbs): %: $(core_files) $(soc_dram_files) $(soc_dram_sim_files) $(soc_dram_sim_obj_files) $(unisim_lib) %.vhdl
$(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) -Psim-unisim $(soc_dram_sim_link) $(core_files) $(soc_dram_files) $(soc_dram_sim_files) $@.vhdl -e $@
# Hello world
......@@ -209,9 +214,9 @@ TAGS:
rm -f *.o work-*cf unisim-*cf $(all)
rm -f fpga/*.o fpga/work-*cf
rm -f sim-unisim/*.o sim-unisim/unisim-*cf
rm -f *.o *.cf $(all)
rm -f fpga/*.o fpga/*.cf
rm -f sim-unisim/*.o sim-unisim/*.cf
rm -f litedram/extras/*.o
rm -f TAGS
rm -f scripts/mw_debug/*.o
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