Commit d1c9cc75 authored by Kevin Mehall's avatar Kevin Mehall

Add LFE5U-12F device for ULX3S

parent e950a4a5
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ class Platform(LatticePlatform):
default_clk_period = 1e9/25e6
def __init__(self, device="LFE5U-45F", revision="2.0", **kwargs):
assert device in ["LFE5U-25F", "LFE5U-45F", "LFE5U-85F"]
assert device in ["LFE5U-12F", "LFE5U-25F", "LFE5U-45F", "LFE5U-85F"]
assert revision in ["1.7", "2.0"]
_io = _io_common + {"1.7": _io_1_7, "2.0": _io_2_0}[revision]
LatticePlatform.__init__(self, device + "-6BG381C", _io, **kwargs)
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