Commit 8d3aaa8e authored by Florent Kermarrec's avatar Florent Kermarrec

targets/nexys_video: Revert clk100 to avoid breaking Linux-on-LiteX-VexRiscv...

targets/nexys_video: Revert clk100 to avoid breaking Linux-on-LiteX-VexRiscv (we'll remove it when the switch the simple framebuffer will be done).
parent 0e2d9a57
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ class _CRG(Module):
self.clock_domains.cd_idelay = ClockDomain()
self.clock_domains.cd_hdmi = ClockDomain()
self.clock_domains.cd_hdmi5x = ClockDomain()
self.clock_domains.cd_clk100 = ClockDomain()
# # #
......@@ -52,6 +53,7 @@ class _CRG(Module):
pll.create_clkout(self.cd_idelay, 200e6)
pll.create_clkout(self.cd_hdmi, 40e6)
pll.create_clkout(self.cd_hdmi5x, 5*40e6)
pll.create_clkout(self.cd_clk100, 100e6)
platform.add_false_path_constraints(self.cd_sys.clk, pll.clkin) # Ignore sys_clk to pll.clkin path created by SoC's rst.
self.submodules.idelayctrl = S7IDELAYCTRL(self.cd_idelay)
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