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Merge pull request #159 from euryecetelecom/master

Add ECPIX5 board components and pinouts (sata/spiflash/PMOD) + review openocd IDs
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......@@ -100,11 +100,46 @@ _io = [
Subsignal("dat13_dir", Pins("P26")),
# Sata
("sata", 0,
Subsignal("clk_p", Pins("AF12")),
Subsignal("clk_n", Pins("AF13")),
Subsignal("rx_p", Pins("AF15")),
Subsignal("rx_n", Pins("AF16")),
Subsignal("tx_p", Pins("AD16")),
Subsignal("tx_n", Pins("AD17")),
# SPIFlash
("spiflash", 0,
Subsignal("cs_n", Pins("AA2")),
Subsignal("mosi", Pins("AE2")),
Subsignal("miso", Pins("AD2")),
Subsignal("wp", Pins("AF2")),
Subsignal("hold", Pins("AE1")),
("spiflash4x", 0,
Subsignal("cs_n", Pins("AA2")),
Subsignal("dq", Pins("AE2", "AD2", "AF2", "AE1")),
# Connectors ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
_connectors = []
_connectors = [
("pmod0", "T25 U25 U24 V24 T26 U26 V26 W26"),
("pmod1", "U23 V23 U22 V21 W25 W24 W23 W22"),
("pmod2", "J24 H22 E21 D18 K22 J21 H21 D22"),
("pmod3", "E4 F4 E6 H4 F3 D4 D5 F5"),
("pmod4", "E26 D25 F26 F25 C26 C25 A25 A24"),
("pmod5", "D19 C21 B21 C22 D21 A21 A22 A23"),
("pmod6", "C16 B17 C18 B19 A17 A18 A19 C19"),
("pmod7", "D14 B14 E14 B16 C14 A14 A15 A16"),
# Platform -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
interface ftdi
ftdi_vid_pid 0x0403 0x6010
ftdi_channel 0
ftdi_layout_init 0x00e8 0x60eb
ftdi_layout_init 0xfff8 0xfffb
reset_config none
adapter_khz 25000
jtag newtap ecp5 tap -irlen 8 -expected-id 0x41111043
jtag newtap ecp5 tap -irlen 8 -expected-id 0x81113043
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