Unverified Commit 6139bd7e authored by enjoy-digital's avatar enjoy-digital Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #183 from gatecat/vip_split_mclk

crosslink_nx_vip: Camera IO fixes
parents e280bff1 547157c9
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ _io = [
("clk27_3", 0, Pins("Y2"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
# 8.1. General Purpose Push Buttons - all logic zero when pressed]
("cam_reset", 0, Pins("T1"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")), # SW1
("cam_reset", 0, Pins("T1"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18H"), Misc("PULLMODE=UP")), # SW1
("gsrn", 0, Pins("G13"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")), # SW3
("programn", 0, Pins("E11"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")), # SW4
("user_btn", 0, Pins("L20"), IOStandard("LVCMOS33")), # SW5
......@@ -112,31 +112,32 @@ _io = [
("camera_mclk", 0, Pins("M3"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
("camera_mclk", 1, Pins("M4"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
("camera_mclk", 2, Pins("M5"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
("camera_mclk", 3, Pins("M6"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
# MIPI camera modules
# Note that use of MIPI_DPHY standard for + and LVCMOS12H for - is copied from Lattice PDC
("camera", 0,
Subsignal("mclk", Pins("M3"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
Subsignal("clkp", Pins("A2"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("clkn", Pins("B1"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
Subsignal("dp", Pins("B2 A3 C2 A4"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("dn", Pins("C1 B3 D1 B4"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
("camera", 1,
Subsignal("mclk", Pins("M4"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
Subsignal("clkp", Pins("A8"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("clkn", Pins("B8"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
Subsignal("dp", Pins("A7 A9 A6 A10"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("dn", Pins("B7 B9 B6 B10"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
("camera", 2,
Subsignal("mclk", Pins("M5"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
Subsignal("clkp", Pins("W11"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("clkn", Pins("Y11"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
Subsignal("dp", Pins("V11 W13 U12 R12"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("dn", Pins("U11 V12 T12 P12"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
("camera", 3,
Subsignal("mclk", Pins("M6"), IOStandard("LVCMOS18")),
Subsignal("clkp", Pins("T13"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
Subsignal("clkn", Pins("T14"), IOStandard("LVCMOS12H")),
Subsignal("dp", Pins("Y15 U15 V17 P13"), IOStandard("MIPI_DPHY")),
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