Remove the LiteX timer peripheral

The LiteX timer peripheral wastes resources and is not required
for operation of the BIOS on POWER SoCs.
parent a6255d53
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ Building the Kestrel BMC for the ECP-5 FPGA on the Versa board is quite straight
Please see the [Quick Start Guide]( for setup instructions applicable to the standard Raptor development environment on POWER9. After the subrepositories are set up, simply run:
cd kestrel/litex/litex-boards/litex_boards/targets
./ --device=LFE5UM --cpu-type=microwatt --cpu-variant=standard+ghdl+irq --with-ethernet --build --nextpnr-seed 1
./ --device=LFE5UM --cpu-type=microwatt --cpu-variant=standard+ghdl+irq --with-ethernet --build --nextpnr-seed 4
# Updating the bitstream with new firmware
......@@ -129,12 +129,11 @@ class BaseSoC(SoCCore):
kwargs["csr_data_width"] = 8
kwargs["csr_paging"] = 0x800
# Disable timer uptime counter
# Microwatt already provides an architecturally-defined timer with interrupt (decrementer),
# Disable timer peripheral
# Microwatt, or any other POWER-compliant CPU, already provides an
# architecturally-defined timer with interrupt (decrementer),
# so the LiteX one just wastes resources in Kestrel.
# FIXME: The entire timer could be removed if the LiteX BIOS could make use of the POWER decrementer,
# freeing resources for something else.
kwargs["with_timer"] = True
kwargs["with_timer"] = False
kwargs["timer_uptime"] = False
# FIXME: adapt integrated rom size for Microwatt
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