Commit adf45fa7 authored by Evan Lojewski's avatar Evan Lojewski

Merge branch 'meklort/bootrom' into 'master'

bootrom: Revup bootrom submodule

See merge request !1
parents ce365f11 dec115f5
bootrom @ b6e1f9da
Subproject commit 1f6b9262fe66e58cd072ac292ee1f31f3db38662
Subproject commit b6e1f9da21f495080ae33a0da527abd936c8ff26
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ static void help(void)
puts("reboot - reboot BMC CPU");
puts("poweron - Turn chassis power on, start IPL, "
"and attach to host console");
puts("console - Attach to host console")
puts("console - Attach to host console");
puts("status - Print system status");
puts("ipl - Start IPL sequence");
puts("chassison - Turn chassis power on and prepare "
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