Unverified Commit e12bebb8 authored by enjoy-digital's avatar enjoy-digital Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #592 from antmicro/fix-symbiflow-makefile

symbiflow: changed toolchain command names in Makefile
parents 6671eb62 3f7568de
......@@ -160,22 +160,22 @@ class SymbiflowToolchain:
Rule("all", ["$(TOP).bit"], phony=True),
Rule("$(TOP).eblif", ["$(VERILOG)", "$(MEM_INIT)", "$(XDC)"], commands=[
"synth -t $(TOP) -v $(VERILOG) -d $(BITSTREAM_DEVICE) -p $(PARTNAME) -x $(XDC) > /dev/null"
"symbiflow_synth -t $(TOP) -v $(VERILOG) -d $(BITSTREAM_DEVICE) -p $(PARTNAME) -x $(XDC) > /dev/null"
Rule("$(TOP).net", ["$(TOP).eblif", "$(SDC)"], commands=[
"pack -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) -s $(SDC) > /dev/null"
"symbiflow_pack -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) -s $(SDC) > /dev/null"
Rule("$(TOP).place", ["$(TOP).net", "$(PCF)"], commands=[
"place -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) -p $(PCF) -n $(TOP).net -P $(PARTNAME) -s $(SDC) > /dev/null"
"symbiflow_place -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) -p $(PCF) -n $(TOP).net -P $(PARTNAME) -s $(SDC) > /dev/null"
Rule("$(TOP).route", ["$(TOP).place"], commands=[
"route -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) -s $(SDC) > /dev/null"
"symbiflow_route -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) -s $(SDC) > /dev/null"
Rule("$(TOP).fasm", ["$(TOP).route"], commands=[
"write_fasm -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) > /dev/null"
"symbiflow_write_fasm -e $(TOP).eblif -d $(DEVICE) > /dev/null"
Rule("$(TOP).bit", ["$(TOP).fasm"], commands=[
"write_bitstream -d $(BITSTREAM_DEVICE) -f $(TOP).fasm -p $(PARTNAME) -b $(TOP).bit > /dev/null"
"symbiflow_write_bitstream -d $(BITSTREAM_DEVICE) -f $(TOP).fasm -p $(PARTNAME) -b $(TOP).bit > /dev/null"
Rule("clean", phony=True, commands=[
"rm -f $(ARTIFACTS)"
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