Commit 0be607da authored by Jędrzej Boczar's avatar Jędrzej Boczar

soc/integration: revert `bus` argument for add_ram/add_rom

parent 2700ec3c
......@@ -753,28 +753,19 @@ class SoC(Module):
setattr(self.submodules, name, SoCController(**kwargs))
self.csr.add(name, use_loc_if_exists=True)
def add_ram(self, name, origin, size, contents=[], mode="rw", bus=None):
if bus is None:
bus = wishbone.Interface(data_width=self.bus.data_width)
if isinstance(bus, wishbone.Interface):
ram = wishbone.SRAM(size, bus=bus, init=contents, read_only=(mode == "r"))
elif isinstance(bus, axi.AXILiteInterface):
ram = axi.AXILiteSRAM(size, bus=bus, init=contents, read_only=(mode == "r"))
raise TypeError(bus)
def add_ram(self, name, origin, size, contents=[], mode="rw"):
ram_bus = wishbone.Interface(data_width=self.bus.data_width)
ram = wishbone.SRAM(size, bus=ram_bus, init=contents, read_only=(mode == "r"))
self.bus.add_slave(name, ram.bus, SoCRegion(origin=origin, size=size, mode=mode))
self.check_if_exists(name)"{} RAM {} {} {}.".format(
colorer("Wishbone" if isinstance(bus, wishbone.Interface) else "AXILite"),"RAM {} {} {}.".format(
colorer("added", color="green"),
setattr(self.submodules, name, ram)
def add_rom(self, name, origin, size, contents=[], bus=None):
self.add_ram(name, origin, size, contents, mode="r", bus=bus)
def add_rom(self, name, origin, size, contents=[]):
self.add_ram(name, origin, size, contents, mode="r")
def add_csr_bridge(self, origin):
self.submodules.csr_bridge = wishbone.Wishbone2CSR(
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