Revert "Revert to ABC2 since ABC9 breaks I/O FF packing on ECP5"

This reverts commit f3dda2b1.
parent f3dda2b1
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ _yosys_template = [
"verilog_defaults -pop",
"attrmap -tocase keep -imap keep=\"true\" keep=1 -imap keep=\"false\" keep=0 -remove keep=0",
"synth_ecp5 -abc2 {nwl} -json {build_name}.json -top {build_name}",
"synth_ecp5 -abc9 {nwl} -json {build_name}.json -top {build_name}",
def _yosys_import_sources(platform):
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