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2020-09-09	Jonathan Currier 	<>
	* Breaking changes:
		the update user no longer allows buildroot to auto assign uid/gui, and
		is now hard coded to 768/768. Reason is that auto assigned id can
		change, however people may reasonably use the dev-data partion to have
		update user/group files, which would randomly and supprisngly break.
		This update should prevent future breakage (but can't prevent this

	* Buildroot 2020.05.x now recommended, 2019.08 may not work well or at all.

	* Notable improvments:
		usb-ecm now only uses a random mac if one is not already detected, and
		saves the mac for use next time. Obviously only works if persistence
		is enable, or if it's burned into dev-data.

	* Other notes:
		buildroot has a bug in openrc build that results in the 'local'
		service not being in default. bangBMC will add it back in, however
		hopefully a patch can be merged to upstream buildroot and the
		workaround can be dropped.